Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe full of clothes and felt like you still had nothing to wear? 

We all have somewhere struggled between impulsively shopping for trendy clothes while trying to develop a timeless personal style for ourselves.

In our intention to lead a more conscious lifestyle, one of the foremost domains that we can start with is our clothes as they have an inexplicable influence on our everyday lives.

Reflect if your clothes make you feel happy, confident?

A mindful insight into your wardrobe is a good place to start and kick off the new season of summer. In simple words, a thoughtful wardrobe is an organized collection of versatile clothes you love and enjoy wearing time and again.

Take a read through our 5 simple steps of curating a mindful wardrobe that make you feel like the beautiful and confident woman you are!




We are oriented to desire and purchase new clothes every season, but with new trends fading out as quickly as they come in, it becomes essential to articulate well! 

Revisiting our existing clothes and deeply reflecting on "what fits us" can avoid the chance of impulsive shopping, giving us the chance to integrate our collections and develop a holistic relationship with our clothes. 

Segregate the clothes that you wear often from the ones that you rarely wear while looking for ways to re-wear and restyle. Creating a mindful wardrobe doesn't mean replacing and hoarding all our clothes with new ones. Re-wearing what you already own can ultimately save you money, time and a lot of impulsive buying regrets.


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Practical, predictably versatile designs make an endearing adornment for a year-round wardrobe!

Two simple ways to shop for timeless tops, bottoms, dresses, tunics & overlays are: 

a) Stick to Simpler Silhouettes

A simple silhouette is like a blank canvas for unadulterated creative expression and all sorts of magic to transpire. Elevating your style with a minimal silhouette is much easier than trying to do the same with any complicated outfit. Accessories easily shine against an uncomplicated attire.

b) Compile Tonal Shades

While classics like white, black and greys make must-have pieces, having bold colored clothes that compliment you is the key to having a precise yet lively wardrobe. 

Wearing one color that allows you to shine in its entirety, simply conveys confidence and intention.


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Conscious fashion is heavily connected to higher craftsmanship, traditional and intricate handmade processes. 

Appreciating nature, and clothes originated from nature includes interacting with unique craftwork and investing in sentimental pieces.

By putting yourself in the maker’s shoes and falling in love with the artistry of the garment, we appreciate and value our clothes more. Buying local and handmade also ensures that your clothes are made with fair manufacturing and production processes too.


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Garments made with high-quality fabrics that stand the test of time are pivotal to creating stylish, durable and timeless wardrobes.

As fine materials are less likely to irritate the skin, stretch with wear, or produce pills and do not need to be replaced as often as their low-quality counterparts.

Fabrics such as linen, organic cotton, soy protein not only curate your feel-good collection but also is a small step to give back to the environment and promote a more mindful lifestyle.


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While investing in quality pieces should be our priority, caring for our clothes and taking the time to repair them is also essential. 

Finding a good tailor or learning how to sew small repairs like loose threads, fallen hemlines, or missing buttons will not only save you money but also ensure that you’re keeping as many wearable items of clothing out of landfills.


We hope that this guide is a good place to start revamping/curating your wardrobe while you enjoy the process and the self-discovery that comes with it.

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