A little shade of gold,
A little night of rest and darkness.
Some sound sleep under the loamy soil,
Whimsical dreams of destiny.
A tiny seed to,
A blooming flower, a plant,
or an old tree.
It originates to see,
All the wonderful things it could be.


A little seed if nourished can grow to become a perennial source of natural resources.
Inspired by the giving attributes of nature, originates a nurturing thought that makes us one with it.

The idea of Originate seeds to portray a compelling narrative and initiate conversations that are relatable and relevant through the means of clothing.
 Drawing inspirations from the unparalleled beauty of nature, our collections are enveloped in organic colors with a strong textural identity.
 An entrancing assortment of natural materials and weaves, with immaculate craftsmanship, and an overarching simplicity make products at Originate a testament to slow living.
 The seamless weave of classic and contemporary, traditional and conscious creates a timeless and sustainable wardrobe.
 With our effortless silhouettes and thoughtful designs, we take a small step to give back to the environment and promote a more mindful lifestyle.