A Minimalistic Jewellery Guide

Originate - Jewellery Guide

Our clothes are said to be a continual manifestation of our intimate thoughts, a language, a symbol of self-expression. 

While our closets always seem full of possibilities- our personal style is a little ode to creativity, novelty, and our emotions. A few wardrobe updates with limited clothes appropriate for all occasions, functions and moods can help set the foundation of your thoughtfully curated wardrobe. However, your penchant for timeless and versatile style should not only be limited to clothes but should be always punctuated with classic accessories and details. 

So are you curious about how do you go about wearing minimal accessories and incorporating a touch of class and refined grace into your daily looks? 

As accessories come at all sorts of price points and are essentially an investment, we have curated a collection of timeless, classic, minimalist statement jewelry that will last you years and still stay fresh. 

Stay for a while and read through our assembled thoughts and easy tips to enhance an outfit or overall look.


Originate- Necklace Guide

Dainty Necklaces

Simple, sleek gold and silver designs with a subtle touch of detail can effortlessly complement your versatile looks without going out of fashion. 

Be it a monochromatic contemporary outfit or a traditional attire with a deep neck, you can wear a longer necklace and layer it with a simple choker to maximize your look. 

The secret to the layering trend is investing in quality favorites to create a personalized look that oozes style and can be worn from desk to dinner. 

Statement monogram necklaces adorned with semi-precious stones not only create a focal point at your neck but also make an essential piece of elan for your jewelry box.


Originate - Elusive Earrings

Elusive Earrings 

Sculpted with passion, finesse, and a lustrous polish fuss-free, elusive earrings create a modern and elegant aesthetic fit for any occasion and mood. 

Clean gold/silver hoops or drop earrings with a tiny flash of color with semi-precious stones like chalcedony, pearls or amethyst can beautifully add a regal touch of glamour to your everyday style.

Whether styled with oversized cozy cardigans, woolens or billowy summer silhouettes and a slicked-back hairdo, staple earrings can be accessorized to create style-focused looks.

If you have multiple piercings in your ears then this is another great way to pair and layer minimalist jewelry pieces for everyday use, office meetings or celebratory soirees.


Originate - Statement Rings

Statement Rings 

While rings are associated with important meanings and messages attached to them they can also be seen as an accessory characterized by simplicity, exuding an air of understated glamour. 

One can hardly go wrong with minimalistic rings! Concentrating on clean lines, geometrical shapes classic gold /silver rings emanating modern design make must-have classics for your jewelry collection.

due to their delicate and simple designs, these rings can usually complement and add to any existing rings you are wearing.

However, for a more personalized and unique look, a stunning, one-of-a-kind wide band with accent gemstones or engraving effortlessly notch up your style game.

Stacked, dainty, plain rings with a formal and chic outfit can surely emanate a sophisticated vibe whereas a single bold crystal ring can make a style statement with any ensemble.


Originate - Beautiful Bracelets

Beautiful Bracelets

Whether you’re wearing your favorite casual jeans and t-shirt to grab coffee with a friend or slipping into something more formal, accessorizing with a bracelet can truly compliment any outfit with elegance.  

Adored by all ages, bangle-style bracelets featuring a dynamic interplay of fine materials and textures can effortlessly exuberate a soulful experience of timeless panache. Often larger than other bracelets, these bangle bracelets create the illusion of a smaller wrist.

If you wear a watch, think about adding a gorgeous simple cuff-designed bracelet of a similar color to add a little pop of detail to your arm. 

Playfully mixing metals by pairing a dainty rose gold chain link with a diamond tennis bracelet or set of bangles can be worn effortlessly from daywear to an evening look.


With the evolving times, let’s embrace the simplistic makeover of jewelry and shop for unique minimal and fuss-free designs.