Leo Tolstoy

“All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.”- Leo Tolstoy

Light - Shadow

Day- Night

Yin - Yang

White - Black

Shiro Kuro…

Shiro Kuro is White-Black in Japanese - a definition of contrasts, a definition of light and darkness. It is quite the literal translation for our newly launched collection designed entirely in the classic Ivory and Black colourways. Our new Shiro Kuro collection was designed with zen to invoke a feeling of lightness, ease and comfort while effortlessly standing out. Every single garment can be styled with everything the collection has to offer and seamlessly blend with your already existing wardrobe. It's the perfect capsule collection to last in your wardrobe for years to come!

For this summer we wanted you to find relief in this sultry weather, for you to feel luxuriously fabulous while strolling through the cobblestone streets at your next vacation destination or just to lounge around in. This is what inspired us to mindfully design classic silhouettes to deliver you a collection that will take you stylishly from season to season and from destination to destination.

As a slow fashion conscious brand, we aim to offer you garments that are of superior quality that can be styled seamlessly and last in your wardrobe for time to come. One of the ways we deliver an ethical and respectful apparel collection is by being seasonless. Seasonless fashion, also known as trans-seasonal or year-round fashion, refers to clothing and styles that are not limited to a particular season or time of year. It focuses on creating versatile and timeless pieces that can be worn and enjoyed throughout the year, regardless of the changing seasons or fashion trends.

Key elements of seasonless fashion include:

Classic Silhouettes: Designs that are not excessively trend-driven and have a timeless appeal, such as our Shiro Kuro Button Down Dress; Shiro Kuro Straight Pant; or our Shiro Kuro V-Neck Colour Block Dress.


Neutral Colors: Choosing a color palette that is not strictly tied to a particular season, like black, white, beige or earth tones (Check out our Terra collection). These hues can be easily mixed and matched and provide a versatile foundation for various outfits and this was our goal while designing our new Shiro Kuro collection. A classic combination of Ivory and Black that promotes a clean, minimal and zen-like mood that is light, fresh and breezy. This colour combination is often regarded as classic, timeless, and elegant. Both colors can be used individually or in combination to create striking contrasts, clean aesthetics, and sleek designs. They also have contrasting symbolic meanings where White is often associated with purity, innocence, light, simplicity, and neutrality, a representation of a fresh start, clarity, and peace.

On the other hand, Black is associated with power, mystery, sophistication, formality, elegance, and authority.

Layering: Emphasizing layering techniques to adapt to different temperatures and weather conditions. Lightweight sweaters, cardigans, scarves, and jackets can be added or removed as needed.

Fabrics and Textures: Opting for fabrics that are adaptable to different climates, such as cotton, linen, silk, or lightweight wool blends. Fabrics with a moderate weight and breathability allow for comfort across seasons and this is why we have designed these fashionable garments in the softest 60s cotton poplin and cotton linen fabrics that can be comfortably worn in the summers thanks to their breathability qualities like our Shiro Kuro Contrast Piping Midi Dress in poplin or our Shiro Kuro Side Slit Dress in cotton linen and can stylishly be layered during the cold winters to dress up or down like our Shiro Kuro Sleeveless Button Down Top or our Shiro Kuro Waistcoat and Wide Leg Pants.


Versatile Accessories: Investing in accessories like handbags, shoes, and jewelry that can be worn year-round and complement multiple outfits like our Shiro Kuro Pocket Tote Bag; Shiro Kuro Colour Block Tote Bag or our Shiro Kuro Pouch.

Sustainable and Ethical Choices: Considering the environmental impact of fashion by choosing sustainable materials, ethical production processes, and supporting brands like Originate that conduct responsible practices. This approach aligns with the concept of seasonless fashion, as it encourages investing in durable and high-quality pieces that can be worn for years to come.

Seasonless fashion allows for a more sustainable and practical approach to dressing, enabling individuals to build a wardrobe with items that can be styled and enjoyed throughout the year, regardless of the calendar season.

Seasonless fashion allows for a more sustainable and practical approach to dressing, enabling individuals to build a wardrobe with items that can be styled and enjoyed throughout the year, regardless of the calendar season.

At Originate, we aim to not just use natural fabrics and materials while making our collections, we also aim to approach developments through mindful practices like designing collections that can be styled seamlessly, or, comfortably take you from season to season, or when we upcycle fabric scraps to design bags that can be carried throughout the year for all your needs. Keeping the environment in mind and drawing inspiration from the unparalleled beauty of nature while using an assortment of natural materials married with immaculate craftsmanship and a delicate simplicity shadowing all our products is what it takes to sow Originate. A beautiful melody of classic and contemporary, timeless and modern, a hymn to sing a sustainable wardrobe to last for years to come!

Originate pursues to take you through the journey of our Shiro Kuro collection - showcasing nature's Yin and Yang - a story of lightness and darkness coinciding harmoniously with sustainable fashion and a strong determination to start a mindful conversation and live a cleaner eco-friendly life. Further breaking down “Nature’s Yin and Yang” we need to explore it's deep rooted Chinese philosophy. Yin & Yang represents the concept of complementary and interconnected forces in the universe that aims to create a sense of harmony and balance juxtaposing contrasting elements. It encourages the appreciation of both the subtle and bold aspects of an outfit, resulting in a visually captivating and well-balanced overall look.

The concept of yin and yang holds great relevance in various aspects of life, including philosophy, spirituality, and even fashion. Here are some reasons why the concept of yin and yang still remains significant:


Balance and Harmony: Yin and yang represent complementary and interconnected forces that bring balance and harmony to the universe. This concept reminds us of the importance of finding balance in all aspects of life, whether it's balancing work and personal life, embracing both strengths and weaknesses, or seeking harmony between contrasting elements.

Interconnectedness: Yin and yang highlight the interdependence and interconnectedness of opposing forces. It teaches us that opposites are not separate entities but rather part of a whole. This understanding can be applied to various aspects of life, relationships, and even fashion, where the combination of contrasting elements can create a harmonious and holistic result.

Embracing Diversity: The concept of yin and yang encourages the acceptance and appreciation of diversity. It reminds us that there is beauty and value in both the light and dark, the feminine and masculine, the soft and strong. In fashion, embracing yin and yang can mean celebrating different styles, aesthetics, and personal expressions.

Dynamic Nature of Change: Yin and yang represent the dynamic nature of change and the constant interplay between opposing forces. It serves as a reminder that everything in life is in a constant state of flux. In fashion, this concept can be reflected in the evolution of trends, styles, and the continuous exploration of new ideas and aesthetics.

Personal Growth and Transformation: The concept of yin and yang can also be applied to personal growth and transformation. It encourages self-reflection, acknowledging and embracing both positive and negative aspects of oneself, and striving for inner balance and growth.

Wholeness and Completeness: Yin and yang symbolize the notion of wholeness and completeness. They represent the idea that two seemingly opposing forces are interconnected and necessary to form a whole. This concept can be reflected in fashion by combining different elements, styles, and influences to create a complete and cohesive look.

In summary, the relevance of yin and yang lies in its teachings of balance, interconnectedness, diversity, and the dynamic nature of life. Applying these principles to various aspects of life, including fashion, can lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of the harmony that can be achieved by embracing contrasting elements and finding balance in our choices and expressions.

To conclude, when making a collection it's not just what looks pretty, or “fashionable”, or basic, a lot goes behind making one, a clear vision, an ethical mission and a conscious journey of decisions and inspirations that we aim to deliver to you with the best of our abilities, for you to feel your best self and carry forward a clean world mission to make the world a better place.