‘Tis the season of Gifting

Welcome to our delightful gift guide! Here, we believe that gifting is not just about the act of giving, but also about spreading joy and happiness. In this section, we will explore the world of conscious and ethical fashion, where style meets sustainability.

Contemporary fashion isn't just about following trends; it's about making choices that align with our values. That's why we have curated a collection of seasonless and stylish gifts that not only make your loved ones look good but also feel good about their impact on the planet.

So join us on this journey of mindful gifting as we celebrate the joy of giving while promoting a more sustainable and conscious approach to fashion. Let's spread happiness one stylish gift at a time! 

Here’s a colourful step by step guide to make gifting an easier, fun and a fashionable experience:

  1. Naturally Neutrals 

At Originate, we thrive on neutrals, it’s kind of like our thing…that’s also because we believe in being effortless, seasonless and a stylish true classic. 

Neutral colors in fashion hold a significant place due to their versatility, timelessness, and ability to create a balanced and sophisticated look. These colors are often considered the foundation of a well-coordinated wardrobe and can be easily combined with various other colors and styles. Some common neutral colors in fashion include shades of white, black, gray, beige, and brown. Neutrals are a highly significant colour category, a core basic - if you may, because of their versatility and the ease they bring in mixing and matching; the timelessness and classic appeal they bring to your wardrobe and a beautiful guarantee of being effortlessly elegant while making a subtle style statement.

   2. Nouvelle Pastels 

Pastel colors are soft, muted shades that are often associated with a gentle and delicate aesthetic - if this is your gift, read on for some beautiful gifting ideas for her pretty and delicate vibe. Pastels are the ideal fashion decision be it for a celebratory sundowner or a casual day brunch! It sparks feelings of femininity and sophistication; romanticism and springs notions of playfulness and freshness. A fun, fresh and fashionable choice of gift, take a look at our best-selling collections for the perfect gifting options. 

   3. Think Pink 

"Think pink" is a phrase often used to encourage positive and optimistic thinking. The phrase is associated with the color pink, which is often linked to feelings of warmth, happiness, and creativity, much like your favorite sibling. It's a reminder to focus on the bright and positive aspects of life, and to approach challenges with a hopeful and constructive mindset. This phrase is often used as a motivational mantra to inspire people to see the world through a more optimistic lens, an inspiring colour for an inspiring significant other. 

Pink is a color with various symbolic and cultural significance. Its meanings can vary across different contexts, cultures, and time periods from being associated with love & affection to being youthful and feminine and always shining with a ray of hope. Pink is a colour that, at one point or another, has always been a girl's best friend. Take a look at some beautiful pink styles from our popular Blush collection.

   4. Red: Red is often associated with energy, passion, and assertiveness. People with "red" personalities might be confident, bold, and action-oriented. They tend to be leaders and thrive in dynamic environments - if this screams you (because one should gift themselves from time to time), let's brighten up your day with some classic styles:

   5. Blue: Blue is linked to calmness, thoughtfulness, and introspection. Those with a "blue" personality might be analytical, detail-oriented, and focused on logic. They are often seen as reliable and composed - if this is something that fits best for what you’re looking for to gift for someone who always bails you out of all the trouble you get yourself into; your favorite go-to person for everything, then check out our core blues below. 

   6. Yellow: Yellow symbolizes optimism, creativity, and enthusiasm. People with a "yellow" personality are likely to be imaginative, cheerful, and open-minded. They tend to bring a sense of joy and spontaneity to situations - you sunshine sister who brightens your day just with her smile, who always cheers you up when you're glum, and adds a little spark to every day of your life.  

   7. Green: Green is associated with balance, harmony, and empathy. Those with a "green" personality may be compassionate, empathetic, and nurturing. They value relationships and often serve as peacemakers - everytime you get in a bickering match with someone, she steps in and saves the day (and saves you from trouble let’s be honest), she is your guiding light, your savior. 

   8. Purple: Purple represents uniqueness, creativity, and intuition. People with a "purple" personality might be artistic, intuitive, and often comfortable with unconventional thinking. They tend to be open to new ideas. Every day, a new experiment, a new concept, or a new topic of discussion springs up, all thanks to her out-of-the-box thinking. Always expect the unexpected from her, and she surely delivers a fun and quirky plate of sense and sensibilities that you would have never heard of! Let’s celebrate her, celebrate being comfortably different and style this slogan in our Aria collection 

   9. White: White is linked to purity, simplicity, and clarity. People with a "white" personality may have a desire for simplicity, order, and truth. They tend to value honesty and authenticity. Your saint of a significant other who dictates all the rules and is a born leader, teaching you all the right ways to life - this one's for her and all of her fabulousness. 
   10. Black: Black represents depth, mystery, and introspection. Those with a "black" personality might be introspective, analytical, and often have a strong sense of individuality. They might be drawn to deeper meanings in life. This is for that friend who may not use a lot of words casually, and she’d rather read in her room on a Saturday night than go out, but her observant mind is running fast and sharp with perspectives and guidance she shares with you to protect you and teach you to do right. This is for your shy sister / friend / guiding light. 

It's important to remember that personalities are complex and multi-dimensional, and no one fits perfectly into a single color category. People are a blend of various traits and characteristics, and their personalities can change over time and in different contexts. But keeping that in mind, we just wanted to churn out a fun, lighthearted gift guide to help you pick the perfect gift for your loved one. Please enjoy a joyous and happy celebration, and may your bond with your loved one grow stronger every day.